Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just Another Piece

Hi you all. This blogging is not so easy. There's a lot of mistakes on my pieces, oh well on to the next one. Yuck,this program is making me insane, Of course that needs to be said.  When did I do both pieces, I really don't know. Well that's when  I was all scrambled up, No tallky about that.  Anyway on to these pieces. For color I  just sorta just do it, The materials are I use are seed beadz, buttons,  flower beadz.salt water pearls, lampwork pieces, and  sorta of others stuff. The face I don 't know, I think its kinda cute.  I  did most of the work in the backstitch . Now the fringes is  another story, it will take lot of practise it's kind of corny. Thank you. 

 This is my Febuary BJP 2011.

My first one was not so good, hopefully I  will get better at this. I did do better at edge on this one. I think maybe I bit off  more then I could handle,  But I'm  committed to doing all twelve of them. Now what is for me is to learn new stitches as I go, learning dillerent  ways of using the gem. And my backstitch  is not very neat.  I do like what you can do with the 8's 4's and 6'. stacking them is really cool, and making them into a fuffle.remnds me of the wall of china. I didn't use it on this one,funny.  I use the backstitch alot, I'm not to fond of it, it takes a long time to do. I have fun witht the grass stitch that little think that stickes up. I guess.I like loops  and other stitches.  I like to use diffent things in my piece. you know. buttons, big and little things,"PURPLE" it just happen.

Thank-you Robin Atkens

O Ya I do get thinks mixed up. like the ruffle stitch. But I got it down with the next piece. Boy can I be loopy at times.
To tell a little a bout myself.  I'm about 64, would like to be younger. but who doesn't. I don't like to travel. I get butterflies and any thing else. I used to do alot of cralts, cross stich applique,scrap booking, stamping. I gave ALL of it away! Now what I was doing comtemporary stitch. I really love it, then  a teacher showed me how to add beads.    And that was it I went nuts..I became the bead junkie. Of  cousre this was in the early '70'. Thats funny it was the last two years that I went totally nuts and gave away totally and sold totally. Sometimes  I wish I hadn't. But I'm glad.. I try to buy beads whenever posible. When I first  started I bought every bead I had seen. Now I'm very careful,  Well most of the time. Boy I could of use alot of advice. .  Well Im gonna go now. See you all.     Hope this all makes sense .


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